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If you can't find your answer below, please contact us anytime.

How do I order?
We recommend that you use our on-line order request form in order to prepare your order. You will receive an email confirmation from us confirming availability and price and the option to place your order.

Can I see a chair cover, band or table circle sample(s) before I commit?                                                                                                 Yes, just email us and we can set up a private viewing for you.  To keep our prices low, we are a home-based business, operating out of Regina, and take appointments at mutally convenient times.  We have our chair covers, all band and circle colors available so you can view everything before placing your order.

What happens when I order?
Once you place your order, you will receive a rental contract/event order confirmation via email. To secure your booking, you just need to return a signed copy of your contract and your $100.00 booking deposit which is payable by cheque.

What is your "handling fee" and why do I pay this?

Our handling fee is similar to a damage waiver charged by most rental companies to cover the cost of replacment of damaged or lost items.   We charge a small fee per order which then exempts you from paying any additional costs upon return of your items for any losses or damage incurred (barring any extraordinary levels of damage/loss which would incur a separate charge).  Did you know our most common loss is a guest at a function "borrowing" one of our chair bands or roses so they can copy for themselves!  Our current handling charges are:  $10.00 (up $150.00 orders), $25.00 (up to $500.00 orders), $50.00 ($500.00 orders and over).

Can I amend my order once placed?
Yes, if the numbers or color-scheme changes, we will be happy to make amendments to your order up to two weeks prior to your event date. Of course, changes to colors will be solely based on availability. Please contact us via email to make any changes.

How do I know if your chair covers will fit the chairs at my venue?
To create a very modern and sleek look, our lycra spandex chair covers are made to easily fit over a variety of different chair styles. Having worked with numerous venues in and around Regina, we are familiar with most chair styles, however if you would like us to double-check on the chairs at your venue, just email us and we will advise before you place your order.

I really like your chair bands, but you don't carry the color I want to use. Can you special order?
Depending on the lead time (min 6 months) and availability, we can special order chair bands and table overlays. We would ask you to send us a sample swatch of your color so our production factory can determine a match. A minimum guaranteed quantity would be required for special orders. Shipping and handling charges will also apply.

When do I have to submit the final count?
We will email you a reminder, however your final count is due 14 days prior to your event.

What is the difference between Self-Serve and Full Service?
In order to keep our prices amongst the lowest in the Regina market, Seat Treats specializes in the Self-Serve option. You pick up the rentals a day or two before your event, set them up yourself, and then return them on the following business day. For the full service option, we deliver, set-up and tear-down the rentals for you. We will confirm set-up and tear-down times with you prior to the event.

Can I take rental items out of town?
Yes, you can take our rentals with you under the same rental terms and conditions as in-town rentals; however we can arrange a convenient pick-up and drop-off time on an individual basis.

Do you rent table linens?
To accent our chair bands and chair covers, we offer table circles in matching colors and materials. These are 30" in diameter and look great on 60" or 72" round tables. They can also be overlapped for headtable and accent table scallops. We also offer organza table runners (16" wide by 102" long) to match our organza roses.  Please see our price list and picture gallery for suggestions.  We also rent both black and white polyester tablecloths for round tables (square rounds 86"x 86") and rectangular tables (104" long - fit 8ft tables).

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